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the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault the private bank vault

Welcome to

The Private Bank Vault

Our highly confidential and super secure asset storage and protection services assure you , that your valuables, gold and silver, cash, documents, jewelry, etc are indeed safe from others´ greedy hands or prying eyes ….forever.

Our mission is to provide you with a very high degree of anonymity and total safety and security, 24/7, for you and for all your valuables, here in our fortress like walk in vault, in Panama City, Panama. 

We are located in the safe banking district in a modern , high rise office building, right next to an embassy, that also has 24/7 police protection, always. 

The super strong walk in vault has seven layers of the latest technology security protection systems and 24/7 armed guards and guarded indoor parking, so you are able to come and go, without any risk.

We offer private safety deposit boxes for rent for all your valuables, inside a concrete encased , steel reinforced bank vault, built at a cost of several million dollars, behind three separate steel gates , inside is your high strength metal safety deposit box , which is under individual double lock, …and inside that is a steel box with another lock of your own on it.

Your privacy and anonymity is always assured, we have no video cameras inside the walk in vault, so you are able to handle the contents of your box in total secrecy.

We do not ask you what you are storing, as long as it is not explosives, corrosives or decomposing items, … otherwise it is only for you to know

As your personal security and safety is also most important to us, we offer to pick you up at the airport or at your hotel in our private company car, with security guard, if you wish, and bring you to the Private Vault and also take you back.

We offer a large selection of safety deposit box sizes: small 3”x10”, medium 6”x10, large 9”x10” , extra large 15”x10” , Jumbo 15”x15” ( they are all 24” deep)

Separate, free standing, individual double dial safes are also available, which can store large volume items, like bags or large bars of gold and silver items, or cash, etc. in several suitcase sizes: Grand 22”x24”, Super Max 22”x35” , or we can bring and store your own portable or free standing safe inside our walk in vault for your exclusive and anonymous use.

To make it easy for you to own gold or silver , without the transportation issues, we can, or you can arrange to purchase gold or silver coins or bars for you and have it delivered and stored here, in your separate private safety box under your own total ownership and control.

We have made it very safe, super private and easy to store your valuables here, in Beautiful and modern and friendly Panama City, Panama.

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We are located in:

Marbella, Panama City,
Republic of Panama




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